The Proper Use Of Gym Health Equipment on Health Clubs

gym fitness equipment

If it would be your first time to visit a health club, you will definitely see gym health equipment of all sorts. And because you are a beginner, you may feel intimidated or confused which one to pick or use especially when in front of you are all sorts of machines and tools. But don’t worry, once you are done reading this article, you will have a good knowledge about the various types of gym equipment and the learn the way in using them.

Cardio Workout Equipment Vs Muscle Gaining Equipment

The first thing that you must do to familiarize yourself with the gym health equipment is for you to learn on how to categorize equipment and tools that you see in your health club. There are actually two categories for such tools and these are the cardio/exercise tools and the tools that are for gaining muscle mass, muscle toning and muscle strengthening. Starting off an exercise without knowing the equipment’s purposes is not a bright idea. If you have a goal prior to going to the gym, you can be able to determine which equipment to use to achieve your goal.

If you are a frail person and wants to enhance your general fitness and strengthen your stamina, you should consider taking on cardio equipments that can improve your cardio performance. These gym health equipments include the cross-trainer, step machine, treadmill, exercise bicycle, arc trainer and the rowing machine. You must also do cardio exercises using any of these machines to reach your goal.

Moreover, if your goal is to gain more muscles and improve your physiques with strength training, then you can have it with the use of resistance equipment and free weights in the gym. You can use both of them because free weights as well as the resistance machines are made for different uses but most effective when using them one at a time. Free weights are best when you want to gain more muscles and developing all-around body strength. On the other hand, resistance equipment are best when you want to focus on certain muscle group and wants to tone it instead of gaining more muscles for it.

Free weights are usually composed of the dumbbells and the barbells. Lifting these regularly can make your targeted muscles to go bulky. Resistance machines, on the other hand can also strengthen, tone and condition your triceps, biceps, lats and back, shoulders, leg muscles and chest. So if you want to condition these muscles first before bulking them up, use the resistance machines first. In summary, you must know which equipment to use prior to the use of other essential tools.

Combining Tools Can Produce Best Results

Whether you want to concentrate on muscle training and cardio, you have to understand that these two activities can always be a part of your regular workout. In other words, even you may want to bulk up your muscles by lifting weights, you also have to do some cardio workout out as well to strengthen your heart muscles while shaping out your physique and building up muscle mass.

To give you a good example: a normal workout usually involve the following activities like lifting the dumbbell and doing the barbell curls, lifting weights, doing chest and barbell press, doing the resistance wires for biceps and chest and then running on the treadmill. So as you can see although you are lifting some weights for your muscles, you are at the same time doing some cardio activities.

Cardio exercises are helpful in helping you form a complete workout plan. You can use your workout plan to target your chest muscles and arms but you must also do some cardio by running the treadmill prior or after your chest and arms exercises. Based from some research, doing a cardio after a muscle workout can greatly improve the body’s capacity to burn body fats and can also enhance the healing of damaged tissues in the body.

cardio and muscle training

Focus on the Right Muscles That Needs Improvement

If you are serious in going to the gym and use the gym health equipment in the most possible advantage, you have to know which muscles would be your target muscles. As have mentioned, if you only target your chest and biceps, that can be done with simple leg and shoulders workout. This will give the muscle group more strength and readies other muscles for more workouts. Once all the muscles in certain muscle group are conditioned, you can also target other muscles and improve them with lots of specific workout.
This principle also applies to cardio. Other than training various muscles with weights, you can use alternately different kinds of gym health equipment depending on your certain workout schedule.

Create A Gym Plan And Ask Help If Necessary

Again, you must always have a workout plan before hitting the gym. It is therefore necessary that you can list all the gym equipment you are planning to use and you must also record your progress based from your workout plan.

You must also remember that you can get help from personal trainers and staff if you need some assistance. You may find that some of the staffs are not as bulky as the trainers but at least they know how to use the gym health equipment the proper way.